Company Profile
Company Profile
Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Reliable Metalforming Equipment Service Provider
Founded in 1958, Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltd (YADON) has now become a subsidiary of Schuler Group. We have been specializing in R&D, manufacturing and selling of forming machines, covering mechanical press, high-speed press, die forging presses, powder forming machines, fine blanking machines, press remanufacturing and etc. Besides, YADON is in the lead of providing automatic stamping solutions, including transfer line, multi-station press line, and multi-machine line. Over the past decades, YADON has obtained the core competitiveness of high efficiency, stability, precision and low-cost production by satisfying customers strict requirements with high-quality products and service.

Our company's main products are C-type Frame press, Straight side press, Single-point press, Double-point press, Four-point press, Knuckle Precision press, Multi-link press, Heavy-duty press, Servo press, Progressive and transfer press lines, and various types of mechanical press machines. We also produce different kinds of High-speed presses, including fin press line, rotor and stator stamping line, high-speed precision press for can lid and other electronic components. In addition, we produce forging press like hot/warm forging press, electric screw press, sizing/trimming press, and powder metallurgy forming equipment includes powder compacting machine, powder sizing machine and etc.
  • YADON is a key national high-tech enterprise and the backbone of the National Torch Plan Hanjiang CNC Metal Sheet Processing Equipment Industrial Zone. On the strength of the provincial enterprise technology center and national post-doctoral research workstation, YADON has undertaken more than 10 national major scientific and technological projects, acquired many national invention patents and hundreds of utility model patents in recent years. Among other things, we have presided over or involved in the development of a number of industry standards.

  • For now, the company has more than 940 employees, 70% of whom have a college degree or above, 26 employees with senior titles, and 60 employees with intermediate titles.

  • YADON has more than 80 marketing outlets both domestically and abroad. Such a global marketing and service network ensures zero-time difference and non-stop pre-sales to after-sales service.

  • With Schuler’s support on technology, management and globalization, YADON, taking the vision as "To be a front-runner of the global middle-end press market", and carrying forward the entrepreneurial spirit of "pragmatism, inclusiveness, innovation and efficiency", has been dedicating in improving China’s forming/forging industry, and providing customers with top-ranking products as well as attentive service.

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