Company Profile
Company Profile
Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Reliable Metalforming Equipment Service Provider
Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltdhas won a great reputation as the mechanical press manufacturer in China with 60 years development. Yadon is specialized in manufacturing and developing and selling various power press. We mainly produce C/H-type frame power press, one/two/four-point power press, multi-station press machine, heavy press, hot forging press, high-speed press, cold extrusion machine, powder compacting machine, fin press line, motor lamination stamping press, YADON can provide automation stamping solutions, Progressive die/multi-station/robot automation stamping production line etc, Widely used in the field of metal stamping. In 2016, The press manufacturer Schuler AG has acquired a majority shareholding in Yadon, this marks that Yadon became a Joint venture with Schuler.

Yadon is a national key high-tech enterprise, which has the Provincial enterprise technology center, National post doctoral research workstation. In recent years, Yadon hold more than ten National major scientific and technological projects, presiding and involved in developing a number of industry standards.
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